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Climate change, Violent storms, Rise in sea-level, Floods, Droughts, Epidemics, Power shedding - all very current and familiar scenarios. Our Environment is fast heading into an abyss, a return from which will become nearly impossible if no concrete actions are initiated immediately at all levels.

If mankind has to prosper and continue its existence, Sustainable and Renewable Energy Solutions are the need of the hour and necessary to reverse the effects of Global Warming, Poor Waste & Effluent Handling and Dependance on fast dwindling reserves of Fossil Fuel.

Fortunately, there has been growing awareness of the long term damage to the Environment and much work has happened towards finding Sustainable Solutions to preserve our Environment. Concerted efforts both at Governmental levels as well as at Individual levels have resulted in growing impetus towards Sustainable Solutions at present. Lot more is required to be achieved.

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Solar panels

Solar energy is a way to generate power from the sun. Wind energy, or use of wind turbines, harnesses power from the wind

Wind turbines

Wind tubines are available as either a freestanding structure that is placed in the most exposed position on the land, or are mounted on the roof of the home.

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